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Here is deal for someone


Major 2:
I saw this DAO Adams Pat. London Arms as used in British Empire during the Indian Mutiny, the Bhutan War, the Anglo-Zulu War.
Its cased and come with accessories as shown, in a mahogany case.

I rate it as about 50% remaining blue, no pitting on the exterior that I saw, 36 Cal. very, nice grips,
two cavity bullet mold, cap bpxes, oiler cleaning rod, powder flask, and nipple wrench.

I have no dog in the fight... the price is $1250 complete + shipping according to the owner.

I took more photos if you are interested....  if only I had the $

Professor Marvel:
OMG .... if only ....
too many bills

free bump
prf mrvl

Major 2:
Indeed, the planets are totally out of alignment, for me as well. :-[



 :)  Oh WOW!!  :o

I could certainly learn to like that.  My mad money cup unfortunately has noting innit but >> Dust   :'(

Major 2:
You'd cut the barrel off  ;D



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