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Who makes a nice Bowie type knife?

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I'm not looking for a huge 12" blade one. I'm looking for one more along the lines of what would have been found commonly in the west. Probably a 6" blade or so.

So who makes a nice one that I can pick up? Not looking for pass down through my family quality but nice. I will get a Randall at some point but for now...

Major 2:

No dog in the fight, but I have one similar to this and have used it for years
Look for Roach Belly Knives

I like that one! Are those decent blades?

Major 2:
I have this one and it's been excellent....holds an edge very well

St. George:
If you 'really' want an example of what was actually carried and used - get a carbon steel butcher knife.

Those were sold by traders, sutlers, hardware stores, etc - and were carried by everyone who needed a good blade for general use - many were sold without handles, as they were easier to ship - and were handled with antler and wood, with the Indians rawhide-wrapping them and decorating the sheaths.

They may seem somewhat prosaic, but the 'real' Old West wasn't a Louis L'Amour novel with big bowies and damascus blades.

Scouts Out!



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