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Pay Dirt Norvelle:
They look nice for sure.  I am having a Bowie and sheath made by a vendor who is on "Traditional Muzzle Loading Forum" it will have about an 8" blade and I think it will be great.

Buckaroo Lou:
About 35 years ago I wanted a custom Bowie but couldn't afford one so I decided to make one. It took a few years and my first knife was made of mild steel. After reading up on knife making and a little metallurgy and about three or four knives under my belt I made three that I still have that will eventually be passed on to my grandchildren. The first photo is one I made of 01 tool steel. The second photo is one I made of ATS34 stainless. The second one of ATS34 is a really big Bowie.

Jack Wagon:
Having no need for a big knife, I still picked up this inexpensive coffin handled Bowie on Ebay. It came with a traditional but poorly constructed sheath and a crappy laminated wood handle. But the heavy, highly polished ss blade looked pretty good. I pinned some elk scales on it and constructed a parfleche sheath that I like the look of better. So far it's only purpose has been the collect dust on my bookshelf, but there is a guy on youtube chopping through an oak branch with this knife. He rated a 9 0ut of 10.  Jw

Jack Wagon:
Book shelf queen Bowie.    Jw


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