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I had a Liberty II, which I'm told is the same as the current CZ hammer gun.  It was a nice gun and very pretty (case colored and polished blue whereas the 1878 is all blued and not much polish).  I cock one at a time while reloading so the hammer placement was no problem.  But the deal breaker for me was that it pointed high for me.  The TTN has more drop to the stock and points better for me.  So the last time I shot it was in 2012.  I finally sold it last week, since it's position as backup to the TTN was recently taken over by another '78, and there's only so much room in the safe. 


 :)  Davem   ;)

Well, mechanically and practically speaking, the most value for dollar is the TTN/EMF/Cimarron 1878 Replica.  Made in China by Polytec.  Considering US/China relations, I don't know when/if we will see new guns again. 

Cimarron is currently also offering a '78 Replica by Dawdson of Pakistan though I haven't seen where they have any in stock for a long long time.

Then we get to high price spread and the Cream of the Crop.  The CZ is really nice, but even nicer are the Pietta and Pedersoli 1878s.  The CZ is costly and the Pietta and Pedersoli are real costly.  They are well worth the money however.  Tight and stiff when new, they will "shoot in" but may well need a bit of tuning to the Main Springs.

Play Safe Out There

PS:  I have had a really liked TTNs, currently have both the Pietta and Pedersoli.  I consider the Pietta and Pedersoli the best built Hammer Doubles on the market.  They are my favorites.

Keith H.:
I've had a Cimmaron 78' for a few years and they truly are a tank, as was mentioned. I'd even go the route of re-barreling to .450 Nitro if I had a spare one to play with. I did the same with a CZ Ringneck, and the 78' is built strong enough, it doesn't need a third fastener for that. They accomplish nothing anyway. One thing I DID do with mine is strip the awful poly-coat off the walnut and re-stain, but not before lopping off that equally awful flared forend tip and re-contouring it to a proper style. She does well with .735 balls and 7 drams of black just as she came out of the box, and for pesky snakes is wonderful with dove loads. I don't hunt anymore, having left that in the past, but I do love building, and I might just get another one to cut up and solder back. I have completely disregarded the 'china' factor when it comes to these. They may be the only thing I've ever done that with, apart from perhaps 'china' chainsaws. They are not 'pretty', or engraved, but the basic block of steel is there for going at it.

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Locally there was a 99% condition used CZ hammered coach gun available. I fondled it and put it back telling myself if it was still available in a week I'd think hard about buying it. I missed my chance and someone else got it but I figure I still have my $800.

Yup. Sold for $800.

If I still used a SxS for my main match gun I'd have snapped it right up. My TTN is my backup to my "87 which I greatly prefer. That CZ however shure was purdy though.

I have always used old double barrel hammer guns. They work fine. I never cut the barrels off either, never saw the advantage.


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