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About all I can find is the Cimmarron Arms 1878 Coach Gun 12 ga. 20" barrels, standard blue.  Anyone have this gun and how do you like it? Any similar suggestions? Thanks.

Russ T Chambers:
Sorry I don’t have any experience with the Cimarron coach gun, as I fell into a Rossi Coach gun of similar specifications way back in 1989. (Sorry Weedy I’m still not going to sell it back to you ;D ;D ;D).  It has served me well over the years, but I don’t know what the availability is now.  Just know I have enjoyed it and won’t give it up (to quote Charlton Heston “from my cold dead hands” ::)).

I have the Cimarron double with 20 inch barrels. It is reliable, a bit rough but built like a tank.   To me, for the $ you can’t beat it. 

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I have one of the older TTN '78's before Cimarron took over the importing.  It has been a great shotgun.  Like Mogorilla said, some of them are a bit rough, metal to wood finish varies, but they are solid and the big close hammers can be cocked together with a sweep of the hand (file off the sharp "eyelashes" on the hammers first!).  This gun has been the most popular with Classic Cowboy shooters for quite some time.  Most of them out there are marked Cimarron as they have imported thousands of them, but you might find one marked TTN, or EMF as they imported them before Cimarron.  In fact, I just bought an EMF TTN as a spare for mine because I found a good deal.  Not to confuse you, though, EMF currently imports an "1878" that is pricey (but nice) and is made by Pedersoli I think.

I have just started using a CZ Hammer Coach [made in Turkey by Huglu]. It is a beautiful gun, some folks with small hands don't like the hammer placement, but it is fine for me [I do have big paws]. It is worth a look anyway.


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