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"Barking Squirrels"

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Has anyone ever "barked" a squirrel?  Just curious how many know that term. ??? ;)

River City John:
I'm familiar with barking spiders.

Is that the same thing?

I do know that term (and the spider one too )-;)    I have and still will bark with squirrels.   I have about 20 of them in the three yards that my yard connects with.    I have gotten them quite riled up at times.    They are my first Crap hit the fan food source.  (-:   I have not cleaned a squirrel since I was 15, so 40 years ago, but probably like riding a bike, which in retrospect did not end well the last time I road one 35 years ago.   

Silver Creek Slim:
I barked a squirrel with a .25-06. :o


Capt Quirk:
Barking is when the squirrel sees you, they scoot to the back side of the tree. You shoot the side of the tree, scaring the treerat to the front, and now you have a shot at him.

You can do the same with a second person acting as a beater. When the squirrel scoots to the backside, the beater slaps the side of the tree with a jacket or other item. Same results. Just be careful to shoot the squirrel, and not the beater.



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