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Doc style cane

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River City John:

--- Quote from: Crossdrawnj on August 18, 2021, 03:04:33 PM ---I checked them both out and they do not offer one with a metal or modified ferule. Only the rubber tip.

--- End quote ---
Is the rubber tip removable?

Major 2:
Amazon.com has several styles , the rubber tip is discrete or even removeable


River City John:
Like this?

RC John. Yes.  Silver knob.  The tip is what I was looking for.  Is that a brass tip or ferule? I was on Canesgalore site and they will do a brass tip as an add on.

River City John:
Yes. Brass ferrule as tip on walnut cane, 10k gold head with presentation engraving inscription dated 1888. (Made from wood from U.S. Grant's home work desk in Galena, ILL.)



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