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Doc style cane

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River City John:
I have seen modified sewing thimbles used as cane tips.

Cap'n Redneck:
I have made a cane tip from a .45 ACP-case with the extractor-rim ground / filed down. 
Fixed it in place with a small brass screw through the primer-pocket hole.

For a larger diameter cane I replaced the bulky modern-looking rubber-tip with the culot from a 20 ga. shotgun shell.  Glued a round piece of leather on the end of it to give it some grip on hardwood floors.

Visit your local farm and ranch store. You should be able to find a livestock sorting cane. All wood construction and sturdy. You could customize it any way you like.

Snake Oil:
I have found copper pipe to be an effective tip... but that is when I am making the walking stick...

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:



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