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Comparison views 66 vs 73 vs 92 in .38/.357

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Okay folks I am going to be adding another rifle to the herd in .38/.357. I had a Rossi 92 in it before and was particular about the length of what cartridges it would feed reliably. I have a 66 in .44-40 and a 73 in .45 Colt and both run well with factory length rounds. How do they work with the .38/.357s? Opinions please! Thanks

The carrier on a .357 '73 is the same one that is in the .38 '66, so it handles .38's fine, as long as they don't get too short.  A truncated cone 125gr is very popular and feeds great.  Some really light bullets with short OAL might not.  OAL needs to be approximately 1.42 or a bit more at a minimum.  Since the majority of the fastest shooters are shooting .38's in a .357 '73, that should tell you something.

My Rossi '92 shoots .38s and .357s equally well. It does not care.

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 :)  Hi Ya Deacon  ;)

I have had all three in your chosen caliber.  After a little "work" all ran well.  I don't know what your intent is, but there is/are no real "speed" parts for a '92, although with appropriate rubbin and buffin a '92 can be quite fast indeed and once the cartridge preference is found, quite reliable.

The Uberti 1873, 1866 and Henry ALL use the same internals.  EXACTLY the same.  There is a plethora of "speed" parts available and with the appropriate rubbin and buffin, those rifles can be incredible fast and reliable.  Just a tad cartridge length sensitive, BUT when fed a diet of 38s, loaded and crimped to the crimp groove of the most popular 105Gr and 125Gr Truncated Cone bullets, those bullets run like grain thru a goose.  Toggle Link rifles DO NOT play well with Semi-Wadcutters.

Play Safe Out There

Thank you all! My old Rossi would run 158 grain RN in .38s fine, but anything shorter was fussy. I will never be a top speed competitor, I am not too worried about that. If I can find a used 66 or 73 would be happy to go that route, but I did really like the handiness of the 92 as well. Plus it costs half as much.


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