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What are my 38/40 38WCF Rifle options?

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ira scott:
I have not personally had it done, or even know the cost, but it is possible to have barrels relined.


I was ready to buy a uberti but reloading components are zilch right now for 38wcf

ira scott:

--- Quote from: Galloway on March 27, 2021, 12:47:05 PM ---I was ready to buy a uberti but reloading components are zilch right now for 38wcf

--- End quote ---

And everything else,  the only thing I have found recently is a very few Shotgun primers and a few projectiles I could use.


Buckaroo Lou:
I know this doesn't help the OP, but I once had an exceptional original first year Winchester 1892 rifle in .38-40 back in the day when I was not very knowledgeable about older Winchesters. It had an excellent bore and very good wood. I sold it for $1000 to a guy who wanted it bad. I have long regretted it.  :'(

Jubal Starbuck:
     I bought an 1889 Marlin rifle with a broken hammer spur and a poor bore some years back at a local gun show.  A friend allowed me to look through a drawer of old Marlin parts he had and there was a hammer exactly like mine only complete!  I installed my new hammer and took it out to shoot.  My groups were not to my satisfaction, so I ordered a Rapine hollow based mold for .38 WCF.  I was still not satisfied so I got it relined and have been happy with it ever since.  I only shoot black powder loads in it, as I was told the 1889's were not as strong action wise as the later 1994 models, which is okay as I prefer to shoot black powder loads anyhow.  I have had a '73 Winchester in .44WCF and a Winchester 1886 in .40-65 both relined and am very pleased with both of them too.


Jubal Starbuck



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