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Well, I mosseed on over an picked me up a new pea-shooter - found an EMF New Dakota, 45, 43/4” made by ASM. The dang thing is nickel plated too! Heck, I look like the original Pimp Cowboy with it.  But don’t cha know the darn thing shoots high. Not a little high. We’re takin like a foot at 9 yards. Firing a 255 over 7gr. Of Unique.   So, Ole Buddys, might ya have any words of wisdom fer me as to how I may rectify this situation?  Ain’t no prude, so smart-face responses welcomed also. 

Cap'n Redneck:
Quick-fix #1:  Always aim 12 inches below Your intended target.   

Quick-fix #2:  Get a piece of brass-shim, fold it in half, glue the shim to Your frontsight.
(the folded shim should sit on the frontsight like a saddle sits on a skinny hoss, if'n You get my drift?)

You probably don't want to use too much heat and solder, in fear of ruining the nickel plating.

I'd first try to determine what load it was regulated for and then decide if that load meets your personal intentions for use of the gun.  If that load does't meet your purposes, I'd say it is gunsmith time to begin again with a full-height sight.

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Thank you fellas. I believe the only way that pistola is not going to shoot high is if I pull the bullet outta the barrel with a string. I lied about how high it shoots. Was more like 2 feet. Front sight modification warranted.

Would you recon this ta be a common problem, i.e. with the Cimarrons?.

Jubal Starbuck:
    You might try loading some lighter weight bullets.  A 225 to 230 grain slug should lower your point of impact some.


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