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Crooked River Bob:
I started this thread a couple of years ago.  I somehow got distracted and had not checked it in quite a while, and I'm pleased to see the conversation continued.  The collective knowledge here is remarkable, and differences of opinion are expressed as only true gentlemen can.

I ended up with a Uberti 1st Model Dragoon.  I had a little trouble finding a Dragoon at the time, but Mike Brackett (of Goon's Gun Works) actually went out and bought one from a dealer he knew and then did the requested "Outlaw Mule" tune-up.  All I had to do was write the check!  I am very happy with this six-shooter.  I will say that any of the Dragoons will be "a lot of gun".  Old time plainsmen liked them for running buffalo... That ought to tell you something.  Might not be the best choice for a die-hard competition shooter in a match with time-based scoring, but that's not why I got it.

This has been a great thread.  Thanks to all who contributed!

Crooked River Bob

45 Dragoon:
Wow!! Thank you Kindly Crooked River Bob!!! Dragoons are definitely "fun guns" !!!!


Keith H.:
I've had all the different models over the 35 yrs. or so that I've been shooting them, armies, navies, walkers, pockets, polices, dragoons, and after trying and handling them all through good and bad, I decided to buy a 'last one' for me. Now we all know it probably will not be my last, but it's definitely what I consider the BEST for me. And that is the Uberti Second Model Dragoon. There are just far too many aspects of it that make it the best for me, it would probably take a book to explain them all, but there it is. Leaving her only black too, no conversion for me. A London Navy was a very distant second, but just could not catch up. If I were to get a London, it would not be considered my last, but merely as a kind-of little sister and friend to keep the 2nd model company...a helper if you will.

I know, I know... old thread. But still very informative and full of wisdom and great insight. Well worth reading several times.

Now you fellers got me wanting to get back into these masterpieces of the dark arts.

Having spent the morning watching YT videos on the 1862 Police and Pocket Police, that's now my hankering. Gonna hafta add one to my to my slowly growing collection of cap n ball guns.

I prefer the Colt style but I do have 2 of the 1858s that I have outfitted with conversion cylinders that are a ton of fun with BP loads.

All these guns do provide a feller with plenty of quality entertainment. 


Ok Ok Ok, maybe "some" of the 2nd generation Colts had issues, but surely not all. My '60 army, '51 and '61 navies are fine, and yes I shoot them. The most stunning revolver I have ever owned is a my Signature series Walker, the fit, finish, timing is just absolutely perfect and that says alot as I have had plenty of the others, the Centennial army, Navy arms, CVA etc all needed some extensive work. My new Uberti Scofield was a piece of junk. That all said, I gunsmith 5-6 days a week on black powder guns and have seen some real percussion revolver abominations over the years. If you get the chamber diameters the correct size from the start you are half way home. Uberti seems to have had a problem with muzzle crowns and forcing cones, maybe they fixed that. Heck ya' buy a saa Ruger and then spend 2 days tuning and de burring it.



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