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Capt Schaeffer Custom Colt Replica ---- WOW!!

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Major 2:
In a on-line conversation I'm having with Alessandro Pietta   

" We are going to make only 1000 pcs. Dennis Adler suggested us this gun. He wrote an article for Guns of the Old West, in its last edition."

Crow Choker:
Nice lookin guns, but I don't think I'd like a cap and ball that you'd have to pull the wedge and barrel off each time ya need to reload. Maybe ok for CAS shooting where you just shoot a stage with it, but still would be a PITA. Like using the loading lever, no time for loading machines. I'm a long barrel fan of hoglegs anyway. JMO, but still nice lookin guns.

45 Dragoon:
I agree C.C.!!
 My God, it sounds like a whore house in here!!!    ;D

(they are cute though  .  .  .  )

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Major 2:
Wouldn't know...never been in one....

Couple more days of Glamour photos ....and mine is off to a "Competent" " Gun plummer " to check out , adj.  and fit the wedge so it pushes out under simple thumb pressure .

Crow Choker,
These guns are representative of "period" BBQ guns.  Meant to be "seen" more than used in anger.  For those who would be more inclined to pack one for serious social work (Cummon, a Cap Gun???) Pietta does have a loading tool for their Snubbies that would serve quite well.  There is the consideration with all the decoration, the fancy grips and the Original Holster (decorated with flowers) the gun would more likely be seen in a Bordelo or Gambling Hall/Saloon.

Since Capt. Schaeffer was "Captain" of the first California Militia, he would most likely have been seen in the sporting houses of the San Francisco Barbary Coast.  In todays world, these guns are still the Perfect BBQ Gun.

In the CAS world, I have found loading "on the gun" to be a complete PITA.  I load in half the time with a cylinder loading press, if not faster.  If one were in the position of using a Cap Gun in anger, our ancestors, in those Halcyon days of yesteryear didn't even consider a reload.  Took too long in a fight.  Dropped the empty and pull'd 'nother fully loaded pistol.



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