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Capt Schaeffer Custom Colt Replica ---- WOW!!

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After much teeth gnashing, carpet walking and hopping up and down, my Brandy Damed New Capt. Schaeffer Replicas arrived today.  My initial impression when I opened the box was WOW.  After all the agonizing, I/we are not to be disappointed.  Overall fit and finish is really good.  The laser engraving is really nice and somewhat "ink'd."  Really makes it stand out.  When I brought one up the stairs for Wife approval, the first words were "0   MY"  That's an approval.

The Nutz and Boltz ...... So Far

First thing I do wid a new gun is look it over and then ......... TAKE    IT    APART.  If your familiar with the Pietta Marshal guns, you'll be right at home.  Same type of build.  Highly polished, laser engraved then Heat Treated.  This gun along with the Marshal are probably the best built Cap Guns available today.  PERIOD!!

First gun out of the box had ZERO barrel to cylinder gap.
Barrel to Arbor fit is perfect
The Wedge didn't quite fit
The Bolt didn't quite fit the cylinder slots
The timing is/was perfect
The hand spring is a new item from Pietta .. Super sturdy.  May not need to be replaced
The frame has burrs in the hammer channel
Needs SliXshot nipples.
The guns have serial #s unique to this series of guns.  They can only make 9999.  The number prefix is "CS" for Capt. Schaeffer

None of the above is serious nor unusual.  Quite normal.  Easy to set up and I expect really superb function.  I will also be installing Cap Rakes for reliability  Main Spring, as usual, belongs under a truck.  Threw it away (who??  Me??) I really doubt anyone who is inclined to play with Cap Guns will be disappointed.  These are really well worth the wait.  I don't know if any of the first shipment are left, but I'd suggest a call to secure a spot for the next container.


PS:  Cap Guns are KITS!!  Some of the KITS are much nicer than "others."  These KITS are really really NICE KITS  ;D

C'mon CM tell us how ya really feel about these little buggers. Quit beatin around the bush.  :P wM1

Major 2:
show and tell folks  Coffinmaker is not exaggerating ... ;D   except maybe a bit short on the WOW

can't say to the innards yet ...I'm under strick orders , to not turn mine , till its worked over  :)  

no hunting the  ::) sweet spot  ::)

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Actually, I yam just a wee little tad annoyed.  I expected the barrels to be 1/2 inch shorter.  The barrels came in at 4 Inches.  I expected and was desirous of a 3 1/2 inch Snubbie with a loader.  However, these guns are OUTSTANDING.  I can live with the 4 inch barrels.  Guess which of my guns all be shooting the rest of this season.  Go ahead guess!!  First two don't count .........
Nanny Nanny Poo Poo

My other irritation is ....... no Pietta loading tool.  Because these guns have 4 inch barrels (not Snubbies) and a loading lever (swell decoration and balance), The loading tool is not included.  If you don't have an off the gun cylinder loading press, your just kind of screwed as far as no loading tool.  There is however, light at the end of the tunnel (Volkswagen on Royds).  The loading tool is available from Taylor's, EMF and I think Dixie.  They are rather proud of them though.  Twenty bucks.  The tool does serve two purposes though.  It is a rather dandy final Cap Seater tool.  Works a serious treat in that job.


Major 2:
Mike's  set   :)

and yeah ...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !

when I put the Original (photo) with the photo of mine ...I repeat ....Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !

Heavy little boogers, sides what .5 of an inch ...on a hot date at my age.... in fact WTF is hot date anymore ?


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