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Taylor's Cattleman Photo Engraved Revolver

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My local gun shop called me today to let me know they just got one of these in. A couple of things I would like to learn before going to see it. What is Photo Engraving and Coin Finish with Hardening? Any help would be appreciated.

Major 2:
Coin finish refers to bright or high polish in the white ....not to be confused with Nickel

I suppose one could say polished SS is a mimic of coin finish  w/ heat treatment
I believe photo engraving is an acid etching using a acid resistant film template.

course , I thought maybe I'd been wrong before, turn out I was mistaken though 

Ok that makes sense on both questions but now another quandary to the mix. Taylor's and Cimarron show what appears the same revolver, same engraving on them. Only difference I see is grips. Taylor's calls their s a Cattleman and Cimarron a Frontier. Taylor's is about $150 more than Cimarron. Taylor's that much better?

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Major 2:
Cattleman is Uberti's nomenclature

Cimarron uses "Frontier" on their imported Pietta

Both SAA clone's , not the same gun however


--- Quote from: Major 2 on March 25, 2015, 07:23:42 PM ---Cattleman is Uberti's nomenclature

Cimarron uses "Frontier" on their imported Pietta

Both SAA clone's , not the same gun however

--- End quote ---

I was under the impression that Uberti made revolvers for both Cimarron ond Taylor's. All I have for comparison is pictures from both sites and they have the same engraving and finish. The only difference is the grip. I will have to look further into this. I called my dealer and he was mistaken as the revolver he has came from Cimarron not Taylor's. Must be some subtle differences I am not catching. Going to look the Frontier over tomorrow. Thanks for the help Major.


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