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I don't know how you guys do it, there is no way I could ever do the job you guys do. I have grown up around police officers my entire life. One of the best role models I had growing up as a young man was a gentleman who served our country in WW2 and then later as a WV State Trooper for over 30 years. I know you guys probably hear all the time "Thanks", but I just wanted to say it myself..thanks for what you do.

Coal Creek Griff:
I appreciate the comment.  From my standpoint, it's kind of rare to hear a thanks.  The vast majority of the people we deal with are criminals.  When we do encounter a "normal" citizen, it is usually a victim in a crisis.  That person may be unhappy with how things have gone and won't be very thankful.  Most of the citizens out there never come into contact with a law enforcement officer so, although we know they may be grateful, we just don't hear about it.

Thanks again.

CC Griff


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