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Following My Footsteps

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Coal Creek Griff:
My daughter, who was born while I was working the street as a patrol officer, has decided to follow in my footsteps.  At least in our area, being hired as a police officer is very competative, but she has worked hard and taken a lot of police tests.  There are often several hundred applicants for each opening.  She has recently been hired by another agency and is due to enter the academy in a few weeks.  I'm very proud of her and I just wanted to brag a little bit.  Thanks.

CC Griff

Shotgun Franklin:
I pray she does well.

Coal Creek Griff:
Thank you, sir.  I can tell you that this is very odd.  I think about all of the changes in this job since I started and wonder what it's going to be like for her 25 years from now.  I kind of wish we worked for the same agency--I'd like to work a shift with her some time.

CC Griff

Major 2:
Thank you and her for your service

Shotgun Franklin:
Ask and see if they'll let you. On my own time I rode with Alcoholic Beverage agents, Game Wardens and State Troopers.



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