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Elmer Watson:
As a deputy in the 1970's I carried revolvers.  Recently thanks to the Austrialian police going to semi automatics I was able to find an old friend a Smith & Wesson model 10-5 with a 3" barrel.  I am having a grand time and having many memories brought back to life.  Has anyone else found an old friend?

Tuolumne Lawman:
I found an old friend.  In the 80s, I was a firearms instructor and rangemaster at a PD in Washington State.  We carried 59 and 439 S&Ws, so the S&W rep brought the new 469 S&W 12 shot for us to try.  It was a prototype.  I fired it and loved, so bought one the first year they issued them for an off-duty weapon.  Had it until the late 90s and sold it when I retired from the SO, after carrying it for about 15 years.  I regretted it immediately. About a year ago, I found a mint, 2nd year production 469 and grabbed it.  I LOVE it.  Fortunately I had kept most of the mags for it.  I shot a 498/500 on the BSIS Armed qualification with it in November.  It is my daily concealed carry weapon.  It is like an old friend.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
One I let get away, damit!  First off-duty gun I ever bought was a S&W Model 39, 9mm.  Recently saw one at a local shop, like new in the original blue S&W box.   Should have bought it then and there but I waited a couple of days and when I went back it was gone.  Next time I won't hesitate.

Texas Lawdog:
My first semi-auto carry gun was a nickel plated Model 39. It was dept. issued. I offered to buy it when I left, but they were in short supply. I was unable to purchase it. I have never been able to find another.  I have since been able to purchase a 5906 and a 669.

Tuolumne Lawman:
My first off duty gun was a Charter Bulldog .44 special.  Second was a Smith & Wesson Model 59.  The 469, however, has been my favorite.  Glad I found another one....



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