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2012 Plainsmen Encampment and Shoot in Eastern Kansas

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  To get some conversation about this going; Who is planning on coming to this event, and what are you planning on shooting.

Caleb Hobbs:
Barring something very major, I'll be there, and I'm really looking forward to it. Over the winter I've been slowly bringing my gear -- clothing and firearms -- out of the mountain man era and into a later period. I'll be shooting a .50 caliber percussion Tennessee rifle and a '51 Colt Navy.

I'd been thinking about doing an 1858 Eastern Kansas buffalo hunter character, but my wife and I used to portray an 1830s Southwestern couple, she with an emphasis on being a former Comanche child captive. It wouldn't be hard to bump that up to an 1840s Bent's Fort hunter/trader, although I'd have to give up my Navy to do it properly.

At any rate, this is going to be fun, and it's going to be great to finally meet some of you face-to-face, too.

What day would the shooting me on? 20th is a thursday.   Depending on my school schedule, I could maybe make saturday the 22nd.
Oh, and do you know the distance on the targets?  I have a henry, but also another 1860 colt with a shoulder stock.  Probably bring them all.


  You could easily shoot through on Sat. Distances will vary widely but mostly under 100 yds.

Jake MacReedy:
Hey, Trap!  Will be getting my registration fee to you within the next week or so for our shoot in September.  Sure hope a number of the guys and gals can make it for the camp and shoot!

Caleb, et al, I've been rethinking my persona for this shoot, and I may be going for the earlier part of our time period, as you were discussing, Caleb.  Still working on getting a Paterson.  I may very well wind up coming as a Taos/Bent's Fort trapper or trader, armed with a Paterson and some type of muzzleloading rifle or trade gun.  Any way I do decide, I'm excited about getting to finally do this!

Look forward to hearing from the rest of you guys!

Jake, aka Ron Clark



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