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emf new dakota


I've been bitten by the CASS bug so I found me a used but in very good condition EMF New Dakota in .45 Colt.  Action is smooth and the cylinder lock up with hammer down & trigger back is very tight.  In fact the best of the shelf including some new ones.  Now I really wanted a Great Western 2 since I did once own a Umberti a long long time ago but this was at a price I coouldn't resist. 
This one is made by "ASM-Italy" so I hear these are iffy...
OK so what should I look out for or replace to make it less iffy?
I dont plan on hunting bears with it so cowboy loads will be it's primary diet with the occasion CCi Shot shell for when Im in snake country.
Heck Iffin' I was a snake I would feel it an honur to be shot by this fine classic firearm.


Four-Eyed Buck:
Just depends on when it Was made. Earlier ASM's weren't too bad, But as they went along their quality went down and then was real spotty. Over rotation and soft internals is some of what I remember about them.
 Pricewise, if your still looking at GW II's, look at the new Charles Daly's, made by the same company as the GW II's and priced better. I've seen some as low as $319...........Buck 8) ::) ;)

About 2 or 3 years ago at Winter Range, I bought a 7 1/2" New Dakota in .45Colt. It was made by Uberti. I took it out to shoot after I did an action job on it, and was amazed how accurate it shot. I actually use it as my main match gun along with either one of USFAs or my Colt Cowboy. But it is always #1.

When I did the action on it, the inside machining was flawless, no burrs or bad machining marks from a worn cutter. It tuned out very well. The only thing that I have changed on it, was replacing the black chrome plated brass triggerguard and back strap with steel set from VTI, and changing the grips to Colt "eagle" grips.

I ended up buying a second one identical to it for my son, because he like it so well.

Virginia Gentleman:
Don't the Dakotas have a black chromed or black nickled tigger guard and backstrap?  It seems that for a few dollars more you could get the Hartford with all steel construction for better durablility.

Danny Bear Claw:
My EMF New Dakota is a 44-40, was purchased used at a gun show.  The trigger guard and all of the grip frame are steel.  Now the previous owner did a real nice action job on it so mayhaps he replaced the trigger guard and grip frame.   ???

Anyway, my is a real fine shooter, accurate, gots that nice action job on it and beautiful color-case on the frame.  It is my favorite of all my Colt clones.   ::)



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