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Navy sheriff and New York Met Police (PIETTA) Opinions etc..


Considering one of the above in .36 - can't decide on which though.
I have a Remington 1858 clone in .44 (Euroarms) love it, excellent.  However would like a shorter barrel pistol.  The front sight on the Colt NY Police looks easier to live with than the Navy, the wedge system that these pistols employ though I hear can be a real pain.  Any of you guy's got any experience of these pistols?

I ain't seen the Pietta piece, but, since you mentioned wedge system, I'm assuming it's a Colt '51, 61 or variant thereof.  I've got both '51s and '61s and love 'em.  Wedge that holds the bbl in place is not a problem.  I don't have any Piettas tho.  But, in my Armi San Marcos or Ubertis, a rubber mallet or wood mallet knocks it right out. making disassembly a breeze.  I've never had a wedge come out that was installed correctly.


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