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Old Photos of Henry Rifles New Pic 11.18.

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--- Quote from: Loophole LaRue on November 29, 2010, 11:44:18 AM ---
Nice pics....

A little surprising to see how many of these, according to the position of the followers, are....empty.


--- End quote ---

I change one of the pics.In the last one( of the first post ) you can see now, that the Henry is loaded.look at the position of the follower.

Thanks for the pic Major 2.
Is that a sling on the Henry?

Major 2:
It is  :)

Here is another pic of Luther Sage 'Yellowstone' Kelly, taken by Stanley Morrow.

I think he is wearing the same clothes at in the pic no.7 from my first post.
It looks to me, that at the buttstock is a sling swivel. I didn't know a 66 with a sling swivel.
So it could be the Henry from pic no.7.


Fox Creek Kid:
I've seen that RR photo before & always love it!! Notice the dog atop the woodpile who turned its head during the exposure.



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