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Question about Uberti Henry - a good buy?


Beauregard Hooligan:
Question about Uberti Henry - a good buy?

Howdy Folks,

   I have a friend who has found a Uberti Henry in .45 Colt that is in very
fine condition. If it has been fired more than a dozen times I would be
surprised. The fellow who owned it bought it for CAS, but decided he did
not like the lack of forearm, and had problems with the follower hitting
his support hand. I don't know much about Henrys, so I am at a loss, other
than the $500 price seems very low. Please suggest quickly, as the rifle
will probably be gone in 24 hours. The same fellow has an unfired Birdshead
Vaquero in blue/case in the same caliber for $425.
   Muchas gracias, Adios,

      Deputy Beauregard Hooligan
      CAS-L the original Cowboy Action Shooting List

Micheal Fortune:
$500 for a functioning Uberti 1860 Henry is about half of retail price.

Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Micheal Fortune on March 17, 2005, 02:47:47 AM ---$500 for a functioning Uberti 1860 Henry is about half of retail price.

--- End quote ---
Less than half retail price. If it functions half way decent, BUY IT! I bought mine for $850 new and thought I got a good deal. The follower bumping into your hand is no big deal. You can learn to more your hand, or can put in a spacer after the shells to take up room and hold the mag tube next to the receiver. That way the follower will not touch your hand.


Beauregard Hooligan:

     I couldn't get ahold of my friend, so I went to the store at 7:00 to buy it for him, but it was sold about three hours after it was put on the rack. <sigh>

                            Deputy Beauregard Hooligan

Silver Creek Slim:




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