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doc cable:
doc cable checking in, shooter of a genuine 56/52 ORIGINAL

doc cable:
doc cable checking in, shooter of a genuine 56/52 ORIGINAL central fire. Liege proofed carbine;
these were made  on the original machinery in belgium.  when the company was going under,
winchester bought the whoe deal, includiing rights, and then sold the machinery to belgium;
they made center fires and briefly used them as military weapons. 

Rosoce Coles:
Ok I'm in.  Sorry about the picture, I have to did one out that shows me in my natural habitat!

Arizona Trooper:
Arizona Trooper (aka Tony Beck) checking in. At the moment I shoot three Spencers, a CW rifle (56-56), an M-1867 rifle and a New Model carbine (both 56-50). I also have a 56-56 Ballard rifle with a CF conversion and a few of them new fangled Whitney-Kennedys and Winchesters. I'm an N-SSA shooter and aim to try SASS. (Need a good double shotgun and would love to find a Whitney). Is there an exception for Spencer pump shotguns? They don't have an exposed hammer, but were ahead of the Wincheser 93/97s by over 10 years.   

Pinchony Creek:
  I guess I've done it, looked for a list but didn't fine it i may have overlooked it.
                   Pinchony Creek  SSS #10   



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