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My final shift is tomorrow..........

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Capt. Jack McQuesten:
Well gang, I lasted a whole five months before I ended up being asked by my agency to come back on a part time basis to help out doing some CSI stuff. So for the last couple of years, I have spent my time between the Department, my "Honey do" list and trips out my place in New Mexico. As of June 14th of this year, I ended my "Second Tour", so to speak.

Earlier this month, we sold the homestead in California, moved the kids out, packed up the wagons and headed out to the cabin in New Mexico! The lovely bride still has a couple of months to go before she can retire, so I will be busy getting the cabin ship shape for her arrival. 

We will be living at the cabin for a couple of years and eventually we are hoping to build some sort of hacienda out at our ranch property. I plan on joining the "Lincoln County Regulators" SASS group if they will have an old Northern Yankee law dawg...... ;D!

Hope to meet y'alls on the trail.....Stay safe!

Coal Creek Griff:
Well, congratulations again.  Enjoy yourself--we've got your back.

CC Griff


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