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Couple of us have been shootin’ the bull about the vehicles we were stuck drivin’ on another forum.

Best I had were the Malibus with the package, bar none. The worse was a toss up between Ford Fairmonts in patrol ‘n the International Scouts we had in K-9 once. Both were awful.

What say, Lawdawgs?   

Worst by a wide margin was a 1994 (I think?) Ford Taurus that someone had the nerve to put a cage in.  And get this, it had power seats, power locks, which automatically locked when the doors closed (drove me insane!!!)  I couldn't force the seat back far enough for a man HALF my height of 6'4" to drive comfortably, and with all the added weight the 3 liter V-6 couldn't sustain 85 mph on a 1 degree incline, which was fine because the suspension felt like it was going to come apart at any moment above 45 mph.   >:( :o

The best?  A mare named Baby Star, God rest her in peace.

Second best was a Ford Expedition.


Major 2:
I'm with STF ...

The best a mare named "China Red" and God rest her in peace too.
...waiting for me in Fiddlers Green, I trust.

Sorry did not mean to highjack the post  :-X

Charlie Bowdre:
Arcey , those Malibu's with all the trim were cool , the early 70's Dodge and Plymouth Fury but I still like the old Crown Vic Highway cars I finished up with .

The worst ..had to be my first ...a  68 Rambler Classic. Had a tiny cherry ball on top ...no radio...no screen..no nothing . oh my God , back in the day.

Thanks for the memory

Towards the end of my uniform patrol days. Remember bein’ disappointed when Chevrolet dropped the Nova. Finally had a decent car the city would buy ‘n it was dead. Gottah give it ta my pard at the garage. Told me he’d driven the Malibu. Slight changes made it more comfortable ‘n it ran ‘n drove just as well. Relax, I was gonna like it. The Malibu picked it up ‘n never missed a beat. He was right.

Tried ta get a surveyed Malibu goin’ thru my step-dad. That particular one had been assigned as a supervisor’s car. The body was still straight, just needed fresh paint. Interior wasn’t half bad. Had the 350 with the four bolt main in it. Wanted to re-build it ‘n warm it up a little. Stiffen the suspension a bit. Sealed bid auction. Didn’t offer enough.

We had Furies when I was a rookie. Looked at new arrivals at the garage one evenin’. New car stickers said they had the Taxi Cab package.



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