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The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 45-60 WCF
« Last post by Two Horses on Today at 12:36:24 AM »
I used IMR-4198 and got good results, but the AA5744 had better groups. I would plan to test Reloder 7, IMR-4198, AA 5744 and I have a new Lab Radar on order. Once it comes in I will have better data on velocity then.

You mention .45-70 dies. Are you shooting .45-60 or .45-70?   
USFA CSS / Re: Good Grief!
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 11:55:32 PM »
A Colt copy is just that, a Colt copy, and no way worth that kinda of coin. Not a damn thing special about them. No history, just nothing to warrant that kinda of price.   ::)
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 45-60 WCF
« Last post by locolarry on Yesterday at 11:40:57 PM »
Two horses wondering if you had used other powders with the FTX and what the accuracy/velocity results were and if you had tried the load of 27 gr. 5744 you listed at longer ranges and results of that. I plan to load some of the FTX when I get my 45-70 dies back from the machine shop and pick up my rifle on Saturday. Thanks a lot for the reply.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 45-60 WCF
« Last post by Two Horses on Yesterday at 10:50:49 PM »
Well, I am not sure exactly what you want to know. I used cut down .45-70 brass to 1.785 and installed a Federal large rifle primer. The powder charge was 27 grains of Accurate 5744 and the FTX bullet was seated using a Redding .45-60 die set. The bullet was seated and crimped at the base of the cannelure. The round performs well and is quite accurate at 100 yards. We were having some issue with pulling rounds off center due to a 10 pound trigger pull. I complained to a buddy about this who is a custom gun builder and he offers to take a look at it. So it has been at his shop getting cleaned up inside, the internals polished and the trigger break set to 4 pounds. Just got the rifle back and so I haven't had a chance to get out to the range and see what velocities and distances we get out of this round.

The miserable cold, snowy weather doesn't help!

If there is something specific you would like to know, please feel free to ask.

1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Re: Going to my first Wild Bunch match!
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 10:31:40 PM »
Did a second Wild Bunch match at the October version of High Sierra.  No problems. (I worked out the ammo issue!) .he 1894 Marlin Century Limited in .44-40 was slick as snot!
1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Re: WB last Saturday
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 10:28:41 PM »
A Webley in .455 is on my short list...I kn ew a Clark Co. Washington deputy sheriff in the 1980s that used a .455 Webley as a duty weapon.  He had speed loaders for it and did reloads as fast as the auto loaders. Shot .454" hollow points.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 45-60 WCF
« Last post by locolarry on Yesterday at 10:16:12 PM »

We abandoned the Lyman .458 292 Grain RNFP bullet and began testing with Buffalo Arms 300 Grain .459 RNFP and a 325 Grain .460 Gas Check bullet made by a local. Both were had excellent crimp grooves and both worked well with AA5744 and IMR4198 powder. But the 325 Gas Check .460 bullet with 27 grains of 5744 produced the tightest groups. We tested this combination, using charges from 24 to 28 grains. My Centennial seemed to like the 27 grains of 5744 with the 325 GC bullet the best. It produced a nice tight group that went through the chronograph at 1380 FPS, within 10 FPS of the Steinel factory ammunition.

I happened to have some Hornady FTX bullets on the bench so I cut down some .45-70 cases to 1.785 and using 27 grains of 5744, I seated the FTX. This combination crimps well, slides right into the magazine tube, rides up the elevator and goes right into the chamber just as slick as can be. It also produced good groups.

With a good load in hand, I put long range soul sights on it and will be working on seeing just how far this 76 will throw a hunk of lead. Its been a fun a project, still lots to do yet. But I am looking forward to it!
I know its been 5 months since anyone posted on this but would like to ask Two Horses if there is anymore information you could add to the data using the Hornady {325 grain?}FTX bullets. Thanks
USFA CSS / Re: Good Grief!
« Last post by russ1943 on Yesterday at 07:21:33 PM »
Victors bought the stuff from Classic Guns. I've been getting them to do some CCH and it's more of blues and straw colors from what I've gotten so far. Doesn't have the pink colors that the Classic Guns had. Of course it could be just those pieces I've had done since it all varies but I'm really liking the work of Victors.

I used to have Classic do my stuff, but since John died, looking for some else.  Where is Victors located?

USFA CSS / Re: Good Grief!
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Yesterday at 04:12:15 PM »
There was recently a Turnbull USFA that sold for $7776 on gunbroker but the buyer didn't pay so the gun got relisted. There's a thread about it on the Colt Forum.

Original listing that sold for $7776:

USFA CSS / Re: Good Grief!
« Last post by Buckaroo Lou on Yesterday at 02:15:10 PM »
The seller states the revolver has been unturned but it sure looks like there are some very light cylinder rotation marks/scratches in some of the photos.

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