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Shooting Gallery on outdoor channel features the Texas State Wild Bunch Champion

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Dusty Boddams:
That’s right! This Wednesday shooting Gallery will feature the Texas state Wild Bunch Championship and interviews with the legendary Evil Roy. This should be well worth watching and entertaining to boot! If it works I’m posting a preview link. please feel free to post this on your fb or where ever potential WB shooters might congregate

Marshal Halloway:

ira scott:
Very Cool,  Shooting Gallery is one of the few reasons I pay for the "privilege" of watching TV. I met Evil Roy at Hell on Wheels many years ago and he was a true Gentleman who took the time to talk to a "nobody".  I also got to see his grand daughter, Holy Terror shoot a stage or two.  It didn't even look like she was playing the same game as me-unreal!


Dusty Boddams:
Thank you Marshal for posting that. Im not very advanced when dealing with computers etc.

Baltimore Ed:
Just watched it, a good episode but I didn’t see anyone shooting Traditional. Always enjoy Shooting Gallery.



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