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A really basic nube question.

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Tuolumne Lawman:
While I have watched a few Wild Bunch stages at various annual matches in the past, I am 68 and having a senior moment, so be patient!

In a typical Wild Bunch match, of say, 5 stages.  How many pistol, rifle, and shotgun rounds are used PER STAGE?  I have seen pictures of Wild Bunch shooters with their belts festooned with half a dozen mags!  Realistically, back in 1912, a soldier  with a 1911 would only have the three magazines...

With ammo and component scarcities and high cost, I would hate to have to feed my guns if I was shooting 50 pistol rounds or so on a STAGE!  The typical 50 pistol/50 rifle/25 shotgun is sustainable in these tight supply times.

Thanks in advance.

The last few at Plum Creek Shooting Society have been 161 pistol rounds (23 mags) over 6 stages.  And 7 to 10 rifle each stage, or maybe skip rifle on a stage.  Shotgun 6 rounds on a few stages, 4 on others.  Texican Rangers WB matches had less pistol, but their new president, Aesup Sleeve, is really big on WB and likely to up the round count.  Personally, I'm hoping they will be lowering those numbers while we are in this situation.

When WB rules changed from 5 in the mag (which was great for sharing ranges with CAS) to 7 in the mag, I figured okay fine, now there will be less mag changes.  So a stage that before had 4 mags for 20 rounds will now have 3 mags for 21 rounds.  But noooo, now it's 4 mags for 28 rounds.  Bottom line, round count for WB is considerably higher than CAS.  But it sure are fun!

Tuolumne Lawman:
Hmmmm. 161 pistol rounds in a MONTHLY match? 

It's not Cowboy with a 1911.
PS the most pistol rounds I have shot on a stage was 210, shot at 15 different stations.

Major 2:
Wild Bunch interest had all but drawn me back to SASS....
I had the 1911's  acquired a 97 trench gun...and then , the local SASS/WB boys after a match or 3  sorta quit ....that was it.

Somewhat a flash in the pan start up... To my knowledge they never held a match again ( here in Orlando)
I think they held one WB stage within a standard Cowboy shoot, to little a bit to late....
I have not looked further ....



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