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Hello the campfire! After 26 years in SASS, Tuolumne Lawman goes WILD!

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Tuolumne Lawman:
I joined SASS in 1994, and have been shooting CAS ever since (with a few small breaks).  I have shot replicas, originals, black powder and black powder cartridge, top breaks, and more recently cartridge conversion (Kirst based). 

I was getting a might "stale" then fate intervened.  I work part time at a local gun shop (at 68 its not for money rewards, just  to feed my gun habit).  What came in was a brand new Rock Island 1911A1.  The owner asked if I wanted it (at near cost) and I said yes! 

I had carried a Rock Island 1911A1 a number of years ago as a duty weapon on a Homeland Security funded critical infrastructure protection contract (solo patrol of dams and powerhouses in the mountains). It shot better than I did, and I outshot the entire re-qual class with it!

Ordered diamond grips and flat back strap with lanyard to make it a little more 1911 non-A1ish.  I have an original brown 1911 holster and WW2 tan/khaki web belt and a WWI double snap mag pouch already.  I'll use my 44-40 1866 Carbine, and I have lined up a buy of a 1922 made 1897 Winchester, with an already bobbed barrel.

No plans on being a purist, this rig will do me. (yes, I know to be "correct, the 1911 should be blued with no finger cuts behind the trigger, but I just don't care!)  I reload my CAS calibers already, and I am already set up to reload 45 ACP from the last time I had a 1911, with plenty of powder and components.

It should be a hoot....

Well all right!  Rock Island 1911's are made by Armcor, excellent value for the price.  My Cimarron 1911's (both by Armscor) have both been trouble free.  Only thing I did was put in a lighter weight spring for the mag release, which I do with my off-hand index finger as my hands are too small to do it with the thumb of the shooting hand.

And c'mon Lawman, you know the drill, pictures needed or it didn't happen.  :)

Tuolumne Lawman:
Last time aI wore a Rock Island 1911

Glad I hung up the duty belt and Kevlar in '17! Be safe!

Tuolumne Lawman:
That was after I retired from the Sheriff's Dept in 2000. Then I taught History  until 2011. This was 2012 to 2016.  I did two armed security contractor jobs.  Two years for a Homeland Security contract, and two years at an upscale  gated community.  There we were all retired LEOs, and had limited police authority per the county.  Patrol, wrote radar tickets, arrested burglars, broke up domestics...It was the same as working for the SO, but just within that gated enclave.  Now I sell real estate!  Much safer, LOL.



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