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The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by Skeeter Lewis on Today at 03:15:23 AM »
Nice work, Cliff. Excellent solution to lower back problems.
Gunsmithing / Re: Need help with .36 bullet size
« Last post by Svyatoslav Kozlov on Today at 12:56:33 AM »
Thank you! You have a lot of interesting things here ;)
Books & Movies / 5 Card Stud
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 11:23:59 PM »
Five Car Stud is on TV, haven't seen it in ages.  When Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum are showing off target shooting in the middle of the movie, they each have swing-out cylinder (which they do to reload) revolvers with fake ejector housings.  Then later during a big gunfight in the town, they each are reloading regular SAA's through the loading gate.  Hehe.  Later when Mitchum shoots Yaphet Kotto it is back to double action.
Upcoming Musters / Re: 2022 GAF Grand Muster
« Last post by 1961MJS on Yesterday at 11:17:25 PM »
Hi Y'all, home, unloaded and editing pictures to make sure no one sees our authentic plastic out houses....  Crused by Fort Hartsnuff on the way home, $16.00, Jeez. 

The Winchester Model 1886 / Re: Why the 1886?
« Last post by Buckaroo Lou on Yesterday at 10:35:30 PM »
Just because I like them.

I once had an original saddle ring carbine in 45-70 in very good condition. I had to take money out of savings to buy it back then. I didn't like taking money out of the family savings to purchase one of my toys. I got concerned I would need the money so I decided I should sell it. I have always regretted it and wished I would have stuck it out.

I later bought both the Browning rifle and saddle ring carbine. Once again I sold the rifle but kept the carbine and again regretted it. So about two or three years ago I saw a Winchester/Miroku Deluxe Sporting Rifle and decided to purchase it.

I now have two, a Browning saddle ring carbine and the Winchester/Miroku deluxe rifle, both in 45-70. I will hang on to these and hopefully they will become one of my grandkids favorite rifles.

The Winchester Model 1886 / Re: Why the 1886?
« Last post by Trailrider on Yesterday at 10:33:07 PM »
Just one more comment on the M1886... when Winchester chambered it in .33WCF, they came up with a real winner! My only criticism of that cartridge is that nowadays you can't get .338" JFSP bullets. Back in the '70's Hornady made some excellent ones. The '86's in that cartridge had better alloy steels than the originals. With the right powders...including Eley-Kynock's 4351/Herters 100, and a couple of other names, you could get 2450 ft/sec with the 200 gr. bullet. When Winchester modified the breech block and locking lugs and came out with the .348, I think they missed the boat in a way. If Browning or Miroku created a .338 Improved, you'd really have something! The main "problem" with the .33WCF on hawgs at close range, is that if one hog was standing behind another and you couldn't see the second critter, you'd get both with one shot! Cost me an extra $100 at the old Clarke Range Hunting Preserve in Tennessee back in '63! 

Another time, at a gun show in San Jose, California, I found a barrelled action laying on the table. I think I paid $50 for it, and spent a couple hundred more for parts and the stock. It had the letters "W.F. EXP CO. XXXX" on one barrel flat, not stamped, but looking engraved. The original lower tang was missing, and another replacement found to give it a serial number. Although the Wells Fargo marking was NOT standard (W.F. Co. Express is standard), the Wells Fargo Museum in SFO was of the opinion that it was a local-purchase item used by a messenger in a field office. The barrel was 16-3/8" long, which is correct for a "16-inch" barrel. A .40-65WCF would have been real handy in a railroad express car. But who knows?

Anyway, there is simply NO other big-bore lever rifle than an '86!
Until recent inflationary times the small amount needed per case for CAS ammo was negligent to me for the cost difference. I first liked it on the fact if filled the cases more. I think the last 5 pound jug I'm finishing up has a price tag on it for something like 119 bucks but I will say I was stocked up a few years ago. Once this one is finished off my wife will be shooting Titegroup since I got a great buy on a case of that back before the pandemic.

After that is gone which should last her a while I'll decide where to go from there, maybe she will be in the notion to shoot black powder by then. Either that or this fad of this new smoky less powder will be over by then.
The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Yesterday at 10:22:30 PM »
Cliff, that wider money belt looks good. It must be comfortable to wear.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Accurate Mold for 45/75
« Last post by Cliff Fendley on Yesterday at 10:08:21 PM »
I have the 46-345lc and have some bullets made up but haven't had a chance to shoot them yet.
The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by Cliff Fendley on Yesterday at 10:03:04 PM »
I probably made more 3 inch wide than anything else but my personal favorite is 3 1/2 or so. My personal rig I wear mostly now is a 4 inch wide belt.
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