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Title: Advice on "cleaning up" '58 clones
Post by: I Ben Robbed on October 12, 2005, 02:24:51 PM
I was thinkin recently (which usually either gets me in trouble or costs me money), of how much I like the design and feel of my Pietta '58s but HATE the writing they did all over the barrel. Seein that ugly "Black Powder Only" on the side of the barrel every time I clean it makes me grit my teeth.  I'm a simple person, and I like simple, clean lines on my guns and my holsters.  Is there an easy way to kinda "polish" the outside of the barrels to remove the lettering, without damaging the gun?  I know I am probably making a big deal outta nothing, but to me that just ruins the look of the gun.  As another thought, when you buy the replacement barrels, do they have the same lettering on them?  Yet another thought, can you buy round barrels instead of the octagonal ones? 

Sorry, my brain gets off on these customizin trips every so often.
Title: Re: Advice on "cleaning up" '58 clones
Post by: Jubel on October 12, 2005, 06:45:39 PM
Cousin defarbing I think they call it, and ther are other sites with details for  antiquing  ;D
Title: Re: Advice on "cleaning up" '58 clones
Post by: Presidio on October 12, 2005, 06:50:47 PM
HIya donin' IBR!

Ya might look at my posting at the Gunsmithing section of this forum.  Might give ya some ideas on how ta git rid of them markings.  It'll be under "Polishing off Scratches"  ::) or something like that.

And, yes, the new barrels have the same markings as the originals. :'(  I ordered one from Vitigun as a replacement after my amatuer attempt of gunsmithin' :o.  Now, the old barrel is for experiments and such.  Make my goofs on it before I do anything to my irons from now on. ::)

Here's the link to Vitiguns, Gun Parts page:,%20Target,%20Tiro%20.36cal,%20.44cal (,%20Target,%20Tiro%20.36cal,%20.44cal)

See ya around the next bend ;)