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Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 01:59:05 PM »
OK best ask then,  :)  or Standard  :-\

Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by Crossdrawnj on Today at 01:44:56 PM »
According to a schematic I found on the peacemaker specialists site it is called a recoil plate.
Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 11:34:48 AM »
Firing pin bushing ?

 >:( All  >:(

Normally, that's "Normally" I try not to be a real Nasty A$$ when it comes to certain manufacturers and certain "Features" presented to the shooting fraternity.

I cannot, in all honesty, find one single thing to like or recommend that STOOPID (Quote Phantom) retracting Firing Pin.  There are only TWO reliable fixes for the thing.

1.  Replace the Hammer and Trigger.  Acknowledging, it's an extra added expense we, the shooting public shouldn't have to bear.

2.  Skip the Uberti altogether and spring for a Pietta instead.  Yule get a better gun for your money.  Eliminating the Two Position Base Pin is an easy 5 minute fix and costs absolutely NOTHING.  Hacksaw MacGurk says "Go For It"
Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by Crossdrawnj on Today at 10:21:05 AM »
The small circular plate trough which the firing pin protrudes in side the frame. All SA Colts have one as well as their double action revolvers.

 :) Freeboard  ;)

Even though it hasn't garnered much national attention, the CDC is currently investigating a strange new Virus, named "Lak-A-Capa" that has emerged and is currently strangling the supply chain.  Most manufactures have admitted this virus has virtually shut down their Percussion Cap Manufacturing.  Currently, there is no known Vaccine  ::)

Stay Tuna
Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 09:16:19 AM »

 :) Crossdrawnj  ;)

Huh??  What on earth are you talking about??
So what has caused the percussion cap shortage?

Oh My that is a topic all by itself.

We can start with the first covid global supply bottleneck of , well, everything!
Any ammunition stuff immediately became unobtainium and materials & labor went to govt contracts first.

Add to that,  the supergiant container ship “Evergreen” blocking the Suez Canal for many weeks. That event alone
Caused a blockeage and delay of almost 400 other ships, which dominoed down the supply chain.

Penultimately, percussion caps are not exactly on the priority list for manufacturors, so …..

During primer shortages, I experimented with modifying percussion caps into low pressure small pistol primers.
Now I have to go the other direction LOL. Or get a Tap-o-Cap ….

One only has to look back at the “Rifleman” articles from 1940-1946 to see that such shortages are not that
Uncommon and we just have to adjust accordingly….
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Percussion caps for Uberti revolvers
« Last post by treebeard on Yesterday at 06:27:46 PM »
So what has caused the percussion cap shortage?
Abilene,  Kinda got busy and haven;t been on in a while, but as to the trigger technique, Once I figured it out, I was able to reproduce the failure by concentrationg on the sear release and stopping the pull, which usually resulted in a misfire/light strike....I swapped out for the standard Model P style parts to eliminate it.
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