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Brazos Bucky Smith:

Is there a reliable place to find the true "Dealer Cost" of Revolvers, and other weapons of choise? ???

If you have the info can you share it with me, thanks


FloraBama Kid:
I don't think you will find this info on the Internet and most likely Dealers will not tell you. For example, my local dealer that supports SASS, will order from his supplier and sell retain for cost plus 10%.
So when I wanted a pair of Rugers, the MSRP was $555 and My Dealer would retail to me for about $405 plus sales tax.
I have found the best thing to do is decide what you want to buy then ask here on the forum what others have paid for this gun.
Also, I don't rely on the prices I see on and  feel they are inflated.

Caucasian Wingnut:
I have a “home shop” dealer that just does FFL transfers for items bought off of the internet auctions. He will also get stuff for me from suppliers at cost plus transfer fee, basically 10%. Try to find someone like that. Also the wholesale to retail mark up should be somewhere around $100 or so.

Hope that helps
Swamp Yankee

Brazos Bucky Smith:
Thanks Pards! :D

Florabama you may be right, the best place to ask is here!  So, what I am looking at is or, are a couple of 1890 Remingtons (Uberti) in .357 cal.  What do you think or for that matter anyone else think the going market is on these items.

Stated new, still in the box. Blued, standard grips, 5 1/2".  Price is $365 each  Seller says he only marked them up $30. more than what he paid for them as a dealer.  My offer was lower ;D

Price is not out of line with what other makers price their similar .357s,  quality? reliablility?

Ideas and experiences please.....


FloraBama Kid:
I just looked at EMF and the 1890 Remmington Police Revolver has a MSRP of $450.00.

So if you can them for $365 I would say that is a fair deal. If you're not paying sales tax you are getting a super deal.

I have no experience with the 1890 but there are a lot of pards here shooting the Uberti 1875 Outlaw..
I came back to update this posting: EMF shows the 1890 only in 45LC. So I don't know if this has any impact on pricing. Was the .357 dropped or was it a special run??? Don't know.



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