SAA Grip Frames all the Same?


Will Pluggum:
I understand the SAA's on the market all pretty much copys of the original colt but I'm wondering if the grip frames are all the same.  I have an AWA Longhorn and find the grip is uncomfortable in my hand.  Feels like my fingers are all scrunched up.  It's like there's not enough there to grab on to.  Does anyone make a SAA with a larger butt?  Maybe I need to go to a Bisley?

Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy pard,

First thing, if Cheyenne chimes in here, he can tell you all about the micromillimeters of difference in the grip frames ;)

Not to be a smartcase here, but you may not know that you are supposed to dangle your pinky off the end of the Navy grip.  You only really keep two fingers on the grip itself, the pinky helps you recover the sight picture after recoil. 

That said, the Navy grip is on most SAA pistols.  There is an Army grip that is longer and thicker at the end.  I got rid of a pair of Ruger Bisleys when I got my Opentops with Army grips.  They felt better.

Keep on gripping... you'll find what you like.

St. George:
On Colts, the Triggerguard and Backstrap are fitted to the frame at the time of assembly, so there's a lot of minute differences - and that's on the "real" Single Action Armies.

The Colt 1860 Army Triggerguard and Backstrap can be fitted to the frame if you need to.
You may find that it suits your grip.

As to the Bisley - I don't like the feel of that grip at all, since it puts my wrist into an uncomfortable shooting position - but that's me.
Some guys swear by that style of grip.
I'd swear at it...

Alternatively, you can look at different grips, to see how they feel.

Scouts Out!

Will Pluggum:
Hext...I did not know your supposed to lay your pinky under the grip so you are not being a 'smartcase' but giving useful advice!  You see, I've been handleing semi-autos and D/As for decades but my recently purchased AWA Longhorn is the first SAA style revolver I've ever owned.  Thanks for tip!  ;)
This right here is why I voted for a Q&A forum at CAS City.


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