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I am new to the sport and I am looking for guns and gear.  I have a ruger vaquero birds head with a 3 1/2 barrel in 45Lc.   Any recommendations on other guns?  What is the most popular barrel length?  Calibers? What are the target distances.  Is a longer barrel better? Also, I am new to Northern California (Petaluma), are there any clubs close by?


J.D. Stawker:
Don't know if there are any clubs nearby cuz I haven't ever been to California. If there are go there with some 38 and 45 cowboy ammunition and let it be known that you are new and wanting to figure out what guns you need. I am sure the pards will let you try several out.  Get what feels good to you. Some like rifles, some like carbines, some like 73's, some like marlins, some like 92's.  For example, I could never shoot them little short barreled guns of yours. I like the long barrels, 7 1/2 and 8".

The most common barrel lengths are 4 5/8 and 5 1/2.  Our targets are generally close so barrel length isn't an issue for accuracy, more what you are comfortable with concerning balance and being able to draw it easily.

For most folks, the Marlin 94 is a great rifle.  It is rugged and quite fast.  And it is moderately priced.

Shotgun, there are some good deals on older SideXside shotguns.  For new ones, Stoeger is good for the price but if you shoot a lot you may want the harder steel of the Baikel or possibly the Norinco (or whoever is importing those chinese made guns now.)

If you want a pump, you may find a good Winchester 97 or buy a new import.  The imports have good steel and now have pretty good machining - although not always perfect.

Thaks for the info.  Any thoughts on what kind of pistol?  Ruger, colt, or a colt clone?  It seems that there are plenty to choose from.  I like the Ruger Vaquero but have not shot a colt or clone.  I do like the looks of the remington model 75 (someone posted a picture on this site.)  Which of the clones (or replicas) are the best? 


Big Hext Finnigan:
Honestly.. your questions are impossible to answer.  We all have biases and preferences and experiences. 

Tell us what you want to look like, shoot like.. what's your idea for your character? 
Are you gonna want to shoot fast and compete with the burners? 
Do you want to shoot Blackpowder? 
Does history interest you the most about CAS or is it the shooting?

Without this information, it's hard to know how to advise you.



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