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Howdy guys, I'm new to the cowboy shooting word, would like to get involved but i would like to now what exactly i would need firearms,courses,etc.

Marshal Halloway:


Welcome to town!

Follow this trail and get back to us with questions.

Thanks for the info, for the single action revolvers i just purchased 2 RV with consecutive serial# in color case 44mag,for the rifle i have an old win94 in 44mag,need to get the coach shotgun, and the acceceries.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Before you buy that shotgun, buy some good leather (holsters and belt).  Then head to your local club.  What parts are ya from?

The shotgun is the easiest thing to loan, and not many mind loaning their scatterguns out.  Sounds like you're ready to get started.  Welcome!

I'm from montreal,Canada the holsteres i can get from brownells cowboy section, the only club that does cowboy shooting is in ontario which is 45minutes, the current clubs i'm member at just do ipsc, do i need to take a course.



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