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The Barracks / Many thanks
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 09:36:17 AM »
To Grant Rombough, for the donation of the Air Force Dress Cap now on display.
Tall Tales / Re: Hot August Nights with Coffee & Tea.
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 09:29:40 AM »
Get well Glenn..

In observance of U.S. Purple Heart Day on August 7 we are offering free BBQ Sandwiches, Burgers & Hotdogs, Chips & soft drinks.

It's a day for Americans to remember and honor the men and women who bravely represented their country and were wounded or killed whilst serving.
We have 9 Awardees, a Guest Speaker (a two time wounded in Vietnam)  Honor Guard from the Military Order Of The Purple Heart , the program is from 11A to 1P.
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Serial number question
« Last post by Two Flints on Yesterday at 08:03:23 AM »
I see a Spencer serial #9824, #9835, and #9838 listed as a Spencer Rifles.  Randomly, Four digit serial #s were intermixed as rifles and carbines, with more rifle designations listed. 

Your serial #9822 looks to be a Spencer Carbine.  The serial # also appears on the underside of the barrel under the wooden forearm.  Ask the seller to check if the serial # found there is the same as on the receiver.

Two Flints  BTW, Check Dave Taylor's Civil War Antiques for Spencer offerings.
Spencer Shooting Society / Serial number question
« Last post by Nlneff on Yesterday at 05:12:37 AM »
I was looking at a different Spencer here, serial number 9822 There is damage where the serial number is listed, so I'm a bit skeptical of that,  But were carbine in this range even built?   Any information will be appreciated, and I understand that precise info is not available often.
Books & Movies / Re: Movies that You Would LIKE to See Remade
« Last post by Coal Creek Griff on Yesterday at 12:29:28 AM »
I  totally understand your position, but I also enjoy movies. Since no one in Hollywood is listening anyway, it's just a thought exercise and for fun. I enjoy speculating, so we'll imagine that any remakes are being done well. We're just daydreaming, but it's our daydream, so we can dream the way we want. I'm with you about modern Hollywood, though.

CAS City Classifieds / Re: WTS .44 Philadelphia Derringer, Spanish reproduction
« Last post by Story on August 05, 2022, 08:01:28 PM »
Dude- do you WANT to sell this thing or not?

I'll pass on your generous offer of $100.
Books & Movies / Re: Movies that You Would LIKE to See Remade
« Last post by Virgil Lantey on August 05, 2022, 07:56:48 PM »
I typed a long response to your question but it became so politically incorrect and "unwoke" that I deleted it entirely so as not to be thrown in a federal prison! ;D
Not a fan of remakes in general. Not a fan of modern day Hollywood.  8)
Books & Movies / Movies that You Would LIKE to See Remade
« Last post by Coal Creek Griff on August 05, 2022, 07:28:35 PM »
Most of the time, I'm not fond of remade movies. Most of the time they are a poor imitation. There are a couple of movies, though, that I think could be done better. Here are two. Which ones would you add?

1. Valdez is Coming. I like the Burt Lancaster version, but not only is it dated, I'd really like to see a good Latino actor in the title role. Burt's blue eyes and poor accent are just a distraction. There are scenes in the book that could be added in as well, when Valdez uses some guerilla fighting techniques that he learned from the Apaches.

2. Along Came Jones. It's a lesser-known Gary Cooper comedy-wrstern that was produced with a low budget. Again, a remake could add more from the hilarious Alan Lemay novel, which would enhance it. Coop was just a little too old for the role, too.

What other movies should go on the list?

Tall Tales / Re: Hot August Nights with Coffee & Tea.
« Last post by DeaconKC on August 05, 2022, 05:43:50 PM »
Good evening folks, prayers up from here for TK and Del. Started a new treatment for the neuropathy in my feet today, hopefully they will help. Lifting a glass of Iced Tea to you all.
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