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2021 SASS World Championships - Capt. George Baylor - Stage #6


Tame Bill:

Captain Baylor has been shooting cartridges instead of percussion lately at monthlies around here.  I thought he was just doing it because the posses were on the small side, but maybe he can't shoot one-handed now?


 :)  Aw Cummon Abilene  ;)

There ain't nothin in the Great Book of All what says one has to shoot ones Cap Guns "one handed."  Cap Gunz can be shot in any cattle gory.  The dualist requirements do specify "one handed."

On the other hand (cool Segway, no??), Capt. Baylor may just be tired of cleaning Cap Guns.  Cartridges do be some easier . . . mostly.

Also, when faced with the mostly assured possibility of RAIN, in may well behove one to forego the Cap Gunz to insure the Fuego.  Could be.

I have no clue.

Play Safe Out There


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