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Trial Run With My AimCam Line of Sight Camera

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Tame Bill:
Abilene per your query of earlier this morning...

 BTW: If you wish to purchase an AimCam line of sight camera you can save 10%  by using this link or use "TameBill" coupon code at checkout.

Well, that looks pretty inobtrusive!  I am unlikely to purchase one myself as I am still a flip-fone kind of guy.  :D

Pretty cool but I couldn’t see what you were shooting at for all the smoke  ;D

Tame Bill:
BTW: Great 'stache  ;D

River City John:
"We still have three spotters that are paying attention."

 :) Then go for it!

There's only one tune that means a thing
When the steel begins to sing
Again and again it's "Bang 'n' Clang"
Is the tempo the targets sang.



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