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Repriming an original copper 38 rimfire case


I just conducted an experiment to see if it was possible to successfully reprime an original copper 38 rimfire cartridge case using the Prime-All kit available online.  This is something that is not realistic to do for regular shooting. It was just to see if it was possible. I do not advocate shooting 100+ year old copper cartridges. This was a once fired, or attempted to fire empty case I had. Take a look and give me your thoughts - thanks

I've got that and a percussion cap maker on order from them.  THey say they're 6-8 weeks behind in processing orders thanks to the current panic buying, so we'll see, but it seems to make a good priming compound.  They are right up front and tell you it's an old style corrosive primer compound, so I'd only use this with Black Powder myself.  Something else to tinker with.

I received the kit last week, about 2 weeks after I ordered it. So the wait wasn't too bad.

Another thing I learned doing this was how soft the copper case was. I didnt hit the punch that hard, but it really squished the rim. More than I expected. It shows why these soft copper cases were not suitable for large, higher power cartridges. The development of brass cases with semi-solid and solid heads was a great leap forward in development.


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