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I will break in the new 66


Bought a 24" Octagon barrel Uberti last year and have kept it un-fired due to looking for another Schofield. Well worked out a sale today and will be getting the Schofield, but costing me my faithful little Rossi 92 that has served me well with no jams through many matches. But WOW the difference in weight is something I will have to get used to. Gun's all lubed up and hopefully will be as reliable as my Rossi was. It certainly is prettier!

Major 2:
adding you to the Henry Roll call  ;)

DeaconKC # 209  Improved Henry

I've got a 66 Uberti in .44WCF too!

You won't notice the weight when the buzzer goes off.  Just don't park your guncart too far away.  :)

Baltimore Ed:
I enjoy my ‘66 musket a lot. Very pretty rifle and it has a sling and a bayonet too.



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