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RWS 1075s


Appear to be in stock at Powderinc.

UPS dropped off 1000 caps on my Porch this morning.  Around 10 days from order to delivery.  Worked fine on both italian and Slixshot cones.  Fed thru my Ted Cash Cappers fine.  I'm good for a while now.

Blackpowder Burn:
That's good to know.  I have a large stash of Remington #10's, but you never know how the situation will be going forward.

Bunk Stagnerg:
I have just finished trying to use RWS 1075 caps with my Slixshot, match conditioned guns. About a full box later my results are they work 90% of the time on second strike and 1% of the time on first strike which make for great practice if you enjoy frustrating practice.
Even with an original spring installed to hit the cap harder it did not improve ignition and required resetting the hammer stop.
As far as I am concerned they are fine for practice. plinking, or can chasing, but for competition Remington #10 are 100% reliable.
If they work for you more powder to you.
Hold center
Hit Center
Don't look Surprised


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