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Pietta/Uberti hammer question


Will a Pietta hammer work in a Uberti?  I need to change from the 3 click to the 4 click.  ???


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Unfortunately, I don't remember if Pietta/Uberti hammers were a direct swap.  I do remember they were awfully close.  However:  Over the past 6 - 8 years the manufacturers have been making small changes.  Worth a try.  May well take some fitting. 

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I put a Pietta hammer in a Centaure frame.  I had to thin it a lot. Maybe an eighth of an inch.  Thank goodness for grinders. If I filed it, I would still be filing. 

Use Uberti parts!  Taylors website says the 4-click hammer/trigger combos are in stock, and the price is great:

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As our friend Coffin relates, it might....
I will revert to my trademarked advice: "It Depends" ™

A lot depends on the age of the gun, the part, and the model.

I have literally swapped in an Uberti SAA hammer assembly into both a Pietta and ASM
1851 and 1860 frame with easypeasy success. You would not believe how smooth the thing was after!

I have also been totally unsuccessful with other frames and supposedly identical parts, just based on year of manufacture.

I am currently ( verrrrry slooooowly) grinding away at several parts (and filing the internal hammer channel in the frame) to make a frankenremington out of an unknown very old smaller frame I got very very very cheap. If I had started out smarter, I would have left the frame alone and just kept thining all the parts. But noooooooo I thought (always dangerous) that I would "fix the frame" so I could always use newer parts...

So, what is the make, model and year ? That can help determine ...

If it is late model and a cartridge pistole , your odds improve....



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