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Sorry for all the questions guys!
So, while waiting for my MWNN parts to get here from VTI, I been readin as much as I can on here, and the Kuhnhausen book, even the way back machine.
What I can’t find the answer to is- how in the heck can you tell when or where the bolt is hitting the cylinder on an opentop. Namely a 72. I’ve worked on 73s, and you can see the bolt and leads and notches, etc.

45 Dragoon:
The "timing mark" for a six shot Colt open top platform is the left upper corner of the recoil shield at the hammer slot (as a line of sight). You'll notice when locked up, the notch locates just to the right of the "mark". So, correct bolt drop will be just to the left of the " mark".

Kudos for wanting to extend your edumacation!!


Thanks Mike!

With the barrel removed you can look into the gap between cylinder and frame, from the front, to see the bolt movement.  A 'smith who worked on lots of OT's and conversions told me the bolt should pop up and hit the cylinder when lined up as in this picture (which sounds pretty close to what Mike said).

Thanks Abilene!



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