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Arbor fix

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Been messin with a Pietta 1860 army that was giving me fits shootin it. Got to thinking after reading about Uberti’s arbors, so I checked that too. Had to use about 1/8” of brass washers, but now it fits great. Re-worked the wedge, drilled out the arbor pin, unscrewed, coated with red locktite, new pin, put the assembly back together. After it dried, it’s rock solid.

45 Dragoon:
I don't use any "thread lockers",  I upset the material at the shoulder so as to torque (and I mean torque!) the arbor back in place.  I reinstall the cylinder, barrel and wedge and then install the over-sized locking pin.

Just the way I do it .  .  . 


Holsterguy, bein' as this is the first report I've seen on a short Pietta arbor, I'm wondering when this pistola was manufactured?  Glad you got 'er fixed up.

Abilene- I’ll check when I get home a let you guys know. I know I was suprised to see the arbor was short, let alone that short.

45 Dragoon:
Probably an older one. Old ones drift through the shop as well.




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