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Henry and the 66's Firing Pins

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Bryan Austin:
What is the history on this subject? What is the improved firing pin on the 66 and why did they revert back to the original design? (I forget what sn#'s)

I have noticed on several fired case examples that some of the dual firing pin marks are more narrow and deeper than some.

What's the story?

Here are a few misfired or spent cases that show the firing pin imprints

Bryan Austin:
Am I missing something?

Tascosa Joe:
I find the pictures you posted the link to are very interesting, but I know very little about the subject. 


 :)  Hey Bryan  ;)

I could give ya a WAG (Military acronym for Wild Assed guess).  But that is all it would be.  I have no clue for what, why, where, when nor however.

Hysterical - er - Historical stuff like this is hard to come by.  All the folks who knew are no longer able to communicate.

Stay Safe Out There

PS:  At first glance I thought your were talking about modern replicants and had a really snazzy answer.  Oh well.   ::)

Pirkle's book doesn't mention any variations on the striker in the '66. I don't own a copy of Madis' book, but I might be down by a library that does and will try to remember to have a look.



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