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St. George:
You don't cost out the price of the silver - you pay for what they did with it.

Scouts Out!

      Greetings, All!

   On the subject of Silver... I feel that a Brass - Framed Henry, tastefully covered in Samuel Hoggson-esque
engraving, then all Brass thoroughly silver plated, would be Positively Wonderous!
   Oh, and also chambered for the ".44 Colt"...!



 :)  M.T.  :D

I am right there with ya.  However, my preference is for the chambering to be 44 Russian.  Heck, I'd even settle for the Brass to be Nickel Plate.  Some kind of tasty you betcha.

Stay Safe Out There

Silver plating is an option at Uberti, as shown on the factory site. I'd worry how plating would hold up.

When I saw their picture of the solid silver '66, I first considered electroless nickel to get a similar effect, then my mind drifted off to aluminum and a lightweight '66, then I decided gunmetal would do.

I do wish Uberti offered the lighter rifle barrel contours originally available. At least with the '73 you can pick the half found to reduce the nose heaviness in the 24" models. Taylor's said Uberti won't fit such to a '66, even though the parts interchange. Neither does Uberti offer a half magazine. The Miroku replicas use a contour much lighter than the originals and balance nicely for me, but they are out of production. I'll keep my eyes open for one used.


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