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The Uberti factory site shows a gorgeous '66 with a hand engraved "solid silver" frame. Years ago I saw on their site a page mentioning they had made a small run of silver framed '66, but that's no longer there. I recall the page said the run (of 10 I think it was, with one still for sale) had been inspired by an original Winchester. Anyone here know the history of those Uberti rifles and the original(s) which inspired them? A web search found examples of silver and of German silver frames on original Winchesters, but nothing on the Ubertis.


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A tiny tidbit more information.  The run of rifles of which you speak were in fact a near Solid Silver alloy.  The "alloy" was to bring the silver receiver up to the same tinsel strength of Uberti Brass rifles.  The rifles were made to be replicants of a "presentation" rifle, made for the President of Mexico.  At the time of the article, "Silver #7" was in fact still available.  The price at the time was 28,000 USD.  Priced for a quick sale   :D  The Receiver, Butt Plate and Fore End piece were all in the Silver Alloy.

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Thanks. I remember vaguely the original was for some South American government official but didn't recall it was Mexico. II imagine Winchester was hoping for a big military contract.) Nor do I recall seeing a price, but $28k is rather impressive. At the time, I did look up the properties of various silver alloys and found several with suitable tensile strength, which surprised me since silver isn't very strong. Also, the weight of the silver in the frame was only a few hundred dollars at that time, which also surprised me.

My thoughts were that a decent aluminum alloy would today make for a nice '66, especially when combined with the more slender barrel tapers Miroku uses on their '66 and '73 pattern rifles. While it's strong enough, there is the question would it be stiff enough in such a long frame. Boing

I think Cimarron has one of those, given to Mike by Aldo.  I saw it on the show gun shelf a few times, but it never went to any shows.  Mike also has a silver plated original '66.

Yesterday I talked with Taylor's about wood and engraving options for the '66 and '73 Uberti, and before hanging up I asked about those silver '66. They are still available for order--for $48,000.

The money must all be in the magnificent engraving, inlay, and wood on these. It isn't in the silver, of which I calculate there is about $1000 at current prices.

Gunmetal would do nicely, thank you.  ;D



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