Coffee for Hallmark Holiday Month

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Send a card, buy some candy hearts, catch a social disease, it's that month again. ;D

Major 2:
Guess I need to post this here !   :-\

--- Quote from: Delmonico on January 31, 2021, 07:40:38 PM ---Well we could do that one and something else with the onion soup.  Thinking make the broth with some roast made into small chunks and leave them in the soup which the high society people don't do but gives us some meat also, a veggie and a cobbler would be great. 

Wanting to keep it very good quality food but want to make it a little easier on the cook, doing better everyday but may not be back to full speed by June and sadly may never make it back up to full.  Not that it matters but I think Jerry needs to get me a Handicap Parking sign. ;D   I am going to refuse to give up as long as i can.

--- End quote ---

That is the spirit

Actually, I make a stew with beef , either a chuck , rump or stew beef and onion soup , add carrots & mushrooms

you can add potato's ( I don't cause I'm off the carbohydrates ) but sweet potato works. 

River City John:
And a nice chianti.

Major E A Sterner:
Mornin Y'all, sitting here waiting on the evil white stuff, weather liars are calling for up to 24 inches with a storm that they "THINK" will stall over the lower Mid Hudson Valley for 24 hours or so, I'm hoping they're wrong and it passes quickly.Y'all stay warm.19 degrees at 12:33a.m.

Major 2:
The front rolled through early this AM with moderate rain and well south of me now.
62° now may see 65° today , then guesser say 38° tomorrow early morn. getting up also Wed. & Thursday.



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